Let’s work together to

Stop Domestic Violence!

Let’s work together to

Stop Domestic Violence!


In 2012, I suffered a horrific domestic violence attack.

It started with emotional and psychological abuse, stealing, and insults. It ended with me being beaten with a baseball bat to within inches of my life. Somehow I pulled through, with lots of determination and support from my family and friends, and here I am today sharing my story to raise awareness on domestic violence. Click the button below to read my story, or watch the video to learn more.

Invite Simone to Speak

Simone's message of positivity

Underpinning Simone’s story of strength, determination and survival is her unwavering commitment to staying positive. 

Powerful inspiration from one of Australia’s toughest women.

Can you recognise the Red Flags?

Simone had to learn this the hard way, but not you.

These Red Flags are warning signs in a relationship that you need to look out for. Simone’s presentation will identify and show you and your audience how you can protect yourselves.

Stand up, speak out!

There is nothing to be ashamed about seeking help. You do not have to suffer in silence and you can say NO.

Simone will share useful resources on how and where you can seek help. You will also learn how to help your peers.

What people say…

The impact of Simone’s story was profound during and after her presentation. Our employees walked away with a realisation of how prevalent domestic violence is within Australian communities, and the understanding of early warning signs (red flags). Thank you Simone for your wisdom and impact.
Amar Sidhu

Organisational Development (Culture) Specialist, National Heavy Vehicle Regulator

Simone has delivered one of the most inspirational presentations I’ve seen. Her natural ability to engage with the audience made her the highlight of our event.
Alexander Avella Archila

T&I Professional Development Coordinator, Monash University

Simone’s key messages about respect for yourself and others, and the importance of looking out for one another fit perfectly with the Dept of Education’s Respectful Relationships initiatives and were very well received by our Years 7-12 students.
Jaymi O'Connor

Health & PE Teacher, Horsham College

Most women who have been through anything close to what Simone has experienced is either no longer with us, or too traumatised to talk about it publicly. Yet here she is, not only telling us her story to heighten our senses around how serious the issue is, but doing it with this amazing courage and positive outlook on life!
Luke Beveridge

Head Coach, Western Bulldogs Football Club

My thoughts..

Musings of a one-eyed domestic violence survivor.


Some pictures of me going around the world spreading the word on stopping domestic violence.

Get in touch and let’s work together to stop domestic violence from happening again!

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