Today I would like to speak about perpetrators.

Perpetrators just seems to be getting younger and younger and this is where we really need to educate them and raise more awareness on how to identify Red Flags in a relationship so that we can put this to a stop.

We don’t want perpetrators getting any younger because it is going to change their lives and their victims’ lives. Sometimes 10 minutes is all it takes, and that was what it took to change my life and my perpetrator’s life forever.

And I almost did not survive.

I was in Brisbane last month and I met with Minister Di Farmer to discuss how we can tackle domestic violence better. I was actually telling her about this young girl whom I met during one of my presentations, whose perpetrator was actually getting out of jail and she wasn’t even informed.

These are things that are getting lost in the system. We need to let victims know that their perpetrators are getting out of jail so that they can take steps to protect themselves. We also need to find out from them what assistance do they need.

This is an ongoing situation actually and some of my closer mates might think I’m harping on the same topic or being a nagging mom, as my children say. But it is something that we need to NOW. We are facing an epidemic and I thought why not start from the younger generation, especially the men.

We need to retrain all the young minds that are coming through about respectful relationships, showing them the right way to behave and effectively manage their relationships with the opposite sex.

We have got to educate young boys that being respectful to women and children does not make them any less of a man. It is about seeing each other as equal human beings and being mindful about each other’s feelings.

We’re already at more than 15 deaths this year, and one is as young as six months. A six-month-old lost his life because of a DV situation… I just cannot imagine. This is why we need to change the mindsets of young men because we want our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to never be affected by domestic violence.

In addition, Dads also really need to stand up and take responsibility, not just at home, but at workplaces, at school events.

Let’s all stand up, speak out, and start to change mindsets. Let’s work as a team – you and me. Let’s help Australia, not just your next-door neighbours or the people you love, but everybody. Together we can look out for red flags, stop domestic violence and together let’s make a win.