What a week it was last week at the Stop Domestic Violence Conference in Gold Coast. It was a fantastic experience.

In the opening ceremony, I was listening to the speaker and learned that there were over 300 services ranging from DV Connect, to police, to shelters, to everything. Both males and females were heavily involved, which was truly amazing to see.

In addition, to see the male attendees get up and speak and ask questions about stopping domestic violence, I just know that we are heading in the right direction in stopping this epidemic that is affecting Australia.

I also met many people from around Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea during the three-day conference and it really opened my ears and one eye (if I can say that J) to the hard work everyone is doing across our nation and internationally. It made me feel proud to be among this community who is seeking to make a change.

While I was there, I also did a podcast with the organiser of the conference and CEO of Australia & New Zealand Mental Health Association, Sam Stewart. I actually had him in tears when we were recording to the extent that I had to keep speaking because he was too emotional to ask any questions.

I was so touched by his reactions, to see how much he cared about stopping domestic violence. Having him, a male CEO, run this conference is just amazing. I’m so chuffed and stoked that it is not just women working in this area to make the change, but everyone is chipping in.

It doesn’t matter if you are from Islander, aboriginal, gay or straight, we need to keep speaking up, looking out for the little red flags and looking out for each other. You’re not alone. Let us all keep fighting for zero domestic violence and continue to support each and everywhere where we go.

I know that the rate of domestic violence and death numbers are still very high. So, as we move towards the festive holiday period, why not make it a goal for next year to not let it get so high. I truly believe we can do it.

I suppose to finish off, I really want to say thank you all so so very much for your support. If it wasn’t for your support, I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing. I look at my children every day and think about my future grandchildren and great grandchildren – I want all of them to be in a safe place where they can thrive and fulfil their potentials.

That can only happen when we work as a team, not by myself as an individual. WE are the ones to stop domestic violence and I thank you all very much from the bottom of my heart.

Also, I want to wish you all the very best for 2020. It is hard to believe that this year has come to a close so quickly. So, here’s me sending you all my love and good wishes for the festive time. Please take care, look out for each other and I look forward to continuing working together and bring on red flag team in 2020.

Sending my love to you all. Cheers. Many wishes. 💜❤️