Happy 2021 to everyone.

2020, we sure did learn a lot. We learned that we can stay at home and change our lives if we really need to. And what really stood out for me was that we can actually slow down but not lose the momentum that we have created.

When schools and corporates went online, I thought that was not going to work for me as I have always been going to places to speak every other week. But eventually we adapted, and it is great to see that whether it is corporate, schools, football clubs, etc., everyone is still heavily involved in making a change in their space in domestic violence. And now that we are reopening up, things are getting more exciting.

For example, I will be at Carlton Football Club next week to work with them on their Respects program. Really looking forward to getting it into the schools this year, as we were unable to last year. I am still working with the Western Bulldogs and it is so good to see their passion in raising awareness on domestic violence undimmed by the pandemic. Big thank you to both clubs for your support.

I am also looking forward to working with Collingwood Football Club this year. Becoming their ambassador was a highlight for me in 2020 and it is a dream come true after supporting them from such a young age. You can call me (literally) a true blue, one-eyed, toothless Collingwood supporter. But it is the work they do in the background, getting women and children off the street, working with them and getting them into houses and things like that that truly gets me inspired. I’m really excited to see how our partnership would pan out in the new year.

I’m also really happy to see all schools are back. Schools can be a safe place for children who are going through family domestic violence, so this is a huge relief for many. Same goes for the workplace being a safe place for many women experiencing domestic violence. I look forward to reaching out to more schools and the GMs or the CEOs in the workplace this year to spread the word and share the red flags on domestic violence so we can all start to look out for each other.

On a personal note, I’m relief that I can get back into full swing of my treatment this year. It was a bit of a stop-start last year because I had to go into isolation but I will head back to Brisbane next week for a full-on week of treatment, which sounds sad, but I am actually looking forward to it because I have suffered in 2020 because of not being able to have it as regularly as what I would normally do.

So looking forward, let us all keep working together. It is not just me – all of us need to be talking about domestic violence and pushing to make a positive change for our friends, family and for our future generations. Stop being a bystander, stand up and be on the lookout each other raising alarm when you see or hear red flags. It is not embarrassing to ask for help as you can potentially save lives.

Finally, I just wanted to thank everyone for your continuous support and wish you a great 2021. Looking forward to sharing with you more stories in the coming months. 🙂