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Learn the RED FLAGS!

As a domestic violence survivor, I use my personal story of resilience, courage and strength to champion non-violence against women and share important information on how to stop domestic violence.


I travel across the country to impart knowledge and empower communities around Australia to stand up and speak out against domestic violence. 


The workplace is often a safe place for victims to seek refuge away from the perpetrator. I will explore this using my story and share useful strategies to help your staff identify and address this issue. 


Schools play a central role in teaching young people the value of respect and I use my personal story to remind everyone the importance of having respectful relationships. 

Simone tells an inspiring and important story of resilience and taking a stand.

Warm and with the natural ability to draw the audience in, Simone relays her journey of survival to adovcate with a raw and engaging style. Her message is one we ALL need to hear.

Let’s work TOGETHER!

I can’t do it alone. Stopping domestic violence is too big a task to achieve on my own. I’m always looking forward to partnering with like-minded organisations to get the message further out there.

Some of the organisations that I am proud to have worked with are Western Bulldogs Football Club, Carlton Football Club, Australia’s CEO Challenge, Queensland Police.

I’m also a proud ambassador/patron of the following organisations – BeyondDV, RizeUp Australia, Australia say NO MORE and Good360 Australia.

We need to stop this epidemic!

Get in touch and let’s work together to stop domestic violence from happening again. 

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